Professional Dog Training of Ocala

Professional Dog Training of Ocala believes in training with positive re-enforcement and an atmosphere where owners and dogs are not only learning, but having a good time. Professional Dog Training of Ocala accepts all breeds and welcomes everyone to their Facility. They train for those that want to have fun as well as train for those that want to go on to show their dogs in AKC Trials. Whatever you are looking for we hope you will find it at the Professional Dog Training school in Ocala.

Dog Training at the K9 Collective Academy

The K9 Collective Academy trains dogs and people for many different reasons. They train difficult dogs to obey reliably off-leash, find solutions for the most extreme behavioral problems, and train dogs for all types of law enforcement and advanced security needs. Rehabilitation for over-aggressive and fearful dogs is their specialty. If your dog is a drop out from another training program or too extreme for the recommended behaviorist, contact K9 Collective Academy. Seeing is believing so we invite you to visit them any time to watch their furry students happily obeying to softly whispered commands around heavy distractions. They are there to prove that with proper knowledge, respect, and patience… no dog is un-trainable.